On the December 9 episode of “iKON Picnic,” the members of iKON couldn’t hold in their tears as they talked about their parents.

This episode aired the final day of iKON and the female Japanese celebrities’ trip. They sat around a campfire and started to talk about serious topics.

After much thinking, Bobby said, “I don’t think the money [I make] is mine. I give it all to my parents. Ever since I was young, the two of them worked very hard.”

Following that, Junhoe confessed that he had a fight with his mom during a family trip to Busan three months ago. He said, “It’s been ten years since we went on a family trip, and for the first time, I was with my mom for the entire day. I should’ve made an effort and tried [to get along with her,] but I told my mom that I would never come on a trip with her again because she only says what she wants to say.” Junhoe sobbed regrettably as he continued, “Later on, my older sister told me that my mom cried for a long time because of that.”

Yunhyeong also teared up with his own confession. He revealed, “Actually, two days before I came here, my father went into surgery. My father who was always so strong…” Heartbroken thinking about the sight of his weakened father, he suppressed his emotions and couldn’t speak for a long time.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has confirmed iKON is currently preparing to release an album in January 2018.

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