Despite his tough exterior, ’s charismatic rapper Bobby still has a sweet side that was recently revealed through an online community post.

A currently trending topic on various online communities and social media is a post titled, “An idol that will keep this doll until it disintegrates” that features Bobby!

In the post, you can see pictures of Bobby and his treasured Pooh doll that he has kept since he was a young child. Although Bobby has grown up well into a handsome young man, the Pooh doll, unfortunately, was not as lucky and is starting to show its age. Nonetheless, Bobby seems determined to keep the doll forever, as you can even see how he sleeps with it tucked under his bed.

Netizens commented warmly, saying, “It’s so sweet that he treasures the doll that he received as a present.”

iKON Bobby3

iKON Bobby2

iKON Bobby1

iKON Bobby

Meanwhile, Bobby is a talented rapper who won Mnet’s hiphop survival program “Show Me The Money 3” in 2014 and has since debuted with iKON, who have established themselves as a popular boy group in the music industry.

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