It recently came to the attention of fans that iKON‘s official Tik Tok had been hacked.


After noticing suspicious activity, fans took to social media to post images from the account, which seemed to be out of the ordinary. The first thing that stood out was that the group’s user bio had been changed.


The user who took control of the account then posted their own Tik Tok, which has since been deleted.


The user then followed an account that may have been affiliated with themselves.


It comes just over 24 hours after BTS’s Tik Tok got hacked, and many believe that the same person has done it. Many saw the similarities in the activity, including using the same username on both occasions.  

Fans were quick to notice the suspicious activity and raised their concerns with the group’s record label YG Entertainment.

Aside from the user still being followed by the account, most of the issues now seem to have been solved. Fans are hoping that this will be the last time that the user can hack into an idols Tik Tok account!