During his recent fan meeting, one of K-Pop’s most successful idol-turned-actor Im Si Wan boasted he still has his charms from his prime ZE:A days.

im si wan 2


Fans were thoroughly captivated by Im Si Wan’s visual, talent, and charms!

im si wan 4


Im Si Wan put on the best show of his fans’ lives…

im si wan 6


…. each minute of the fan meeting filled with his singing, dancing, and talking.

im si wan 8


His fans got a good throwback to when Im Si Wan was the cutest, softest member of ZE:A…


… and the realization that he has matured into such a wonderful man who can be an idol and an actor.

im si wan 5


Fans can’t wait to continue seeing Im Si Wan dominate both on the screen and on the stage!

im si wan 7


Who’s in love with this multi-talented king?

im si wan


We are.

Watch some of Im Si Wan’s wowza performances from his fan meeting here: