ZE:A’s Im Siwan, who played the role of Heo Yeom in drama, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” talked about why he’s continuing to act in a sitcom this time.

He recently received a question at the production report conference of MBC’s new sitcom “Standby.” The question was whether he plans to focus solely on acting. To this, Siwan cleverly replied, “I think it’s the best for me to act while many fans want me to.”

Siwan also said, “Soon, our new album will be coming out, and I would be on the stage during the time periods when I’ll be in ‘Standby.’ I hope there will be some synergies from doing both singing and acting.”

He also briefly explained his role in the sitcom, “I’ll be playing a role of this high school student whose parents died when he was young. Ryu Jin loved my mom in the past, so I get to stay at his place. The episodes are based on the happenings at Ryu Jin’s place.”