Im Soo Jung will be appearing in her first drama in two years.

On February 18, her agency King Kong by Starship confirmed that Im Soo Jung will be starring in tvN’s new drama “WWW” (tentative title) after being in talks to join the drama. This will be her first drama in two years since “Chicago Typewriter.”

In the drama, Im Soo Jung will play the role of Bae Ta Mi, a woman in her late thirties who works in the IT industry. She is the director of the largest portal site in the industry, and is someone who likes to win, is confident that she will win, and as a mean competitive streak. Even though she’ll do a lot to win, she still has a moral compass and always reflects on herself, and she begins to wonder if she’s lost too much on the road to success.

“WWW” will be a fantasy drama that follows the real lives and success stories of women who are living in the now and focusing on themselves, rather than becoming housewives or mothers. The women will be people who focus on their work to bring them fulfillment and joy, and the drama will follow their success stories as they overcome discrimination to come out on top. Though many expect the portal site industry to be competitive, the drama will tell stories that no one could have predicted.

The drama will be directed by Jung Ji Hyun, who co-directed tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine” and written by screenwriter Kwon Eun Sol, who has worked as an assistant screenwriter for Kim Eun Sook. “WWW” is set to wrap up casting decisions soon and begin filming, with the goal of premiering in the first half of the year. Jang Ki Yong is in talks to join Im Soo Jung in the new drama.

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