Fans celebrated MONSTA X member I.M’s birthday on January 26 by trending “IMWOLFDAY” worldwide on Twitter!

On January 26, I.M turned 22 (according to Western reckoning). MONSTA X members, their agency Starship Entertainment, and fans showered I.M with love on Twitter to celebrate his birthday.

Hyungwon posted a selfie of him with I.M and wrote, “My younger brother. I like how you started to feel like a real younger brother to me. Happy birthday and I hope you receive a lot of congratulations today. I will block out the cold for you. (You can’t trust me..?)”

Kihyun uploaded a photo of Shownu and I.M playing a soccer video game. He added, “This is when our youngest member and I, and Shownu and Hyungwon, teamed up and we lost….Let’s team up again today and I will give you victory as your birthday present. Happy birthday. Thank you for being the youngest member of MONSTA X.”

Starship Entertainment also uploaded a poster to celebrate I.M’s birthday.

Fans wrote happy birthday messages full of love and admiration for I.M, and the hashtag “IMWOLFDAY” for his birthday was the No. 3 trending topic worldwide on Twitter.

Happy birthday, I.M!