Newlyweds In Kyo Jin and So Yi Hyun revealed their new home.

On tvN’s “Taxi,” In Kyo Jin relived his tales of his first meeting with his wife, So Yi Hyun, and all of the stories in between their first meeting and their life as a wedded couple.

“We were simply close friends before we played lovers on a drama series. After the series, I developed feelings for her and I asked her out,” said In Kyo Jin. “But after I confessed my feelings for her, I didn’t hear from her for four months. At a reunion in a restaurant, So Yi Hyun told me she wanted to have a committed relationship. Then we began to sincerely date each other.”

He also added, “My father was so devoted to So Yi Hyun that he signed up for her fan club and praised her proudly.”

In Kyo Jin showed off pictures of his new house to the hosts of the show.

The episode will air January 20 at 12:20 a.m. on tvN.