IN2IT’s Issac has fallen ill and is currently resting.

On May 6, his agency explained that the idol had become sick overnight and was taken to the emergency room after the group’s “Inkigayo” performance. Due to his health, he also sat out the group’s fan sign that took place later that day.

Before the fan sign started, his agency explained the situation and apologized for making fans worry.

Their full statement reads:

“Hello. This is MMO Entertainment.

“We would like to inform you that member Isaac will be unable to attend today’s fan sign that is being held in honor of the release of ‘SnapShot.’

“Isaac will be going to the emergency room and receive treatment after their scheduled music show activities due to a sudden high fever that resulted from various allergy symptoms that have been affecting him since early morning today.

“However, we have come to the decision that it will be difficult for him to participate in today’s scheduled activities given his current status. Also, we have made this decision with consideration of the members’ opinions that this could affect the overall atmosphere of the fan sign because we have worried everyone.

“Once again, we hope all the IN2Us who were interested and looking forward to the scheduled fan sign today can forgive us for worrying you all.

“Thank you.”

We wish Isaac a quick and full recovery!

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