Indie artist, Han Hee Jung has returned after a year with her second EP titled, “Cruel Journey.” The singer songwriter, who is known for her acoustic, dreamy music is quite popular in the underground scene in Korea.


The track list of the EP is as follows:

01 One Fall

02 Mouths Meet, Lip’s Dance

03 It’s Funny But Need to Believe

04 Ruminate

05 Cruel Journey

06 Drama (Band Version)

07 Delay


The title track is “Cruel Journey,” a soft, acoustic number played in minor key. The lyrics are about the sadness one feels after a breakup. Most people are familiar with this setting, so the song is expected to be easily related to by many.


Also included in the album is the band version of “Drama,” a popular song off her solo debut album.


“Cruel Journey” EP Teaser


Older Work: “First Day We Met”


What do you guys think of Han Hee Jung and her music?


Source: musicnaver & YouTube (pastelmusic)