Indie artist Sentimental Scenery recently released four songs on his label’s Pastel Music YouTube channel.

If you’re looking for soothing, electronica instrumentals, his music is worth a shot. The songs are from his first full length album “Soundscape” which was released in April 2011. He composed instrumentals that suit the vocal ranges of his guest singers.

Sentimental Scenery is the talented shibuya-kei artist in Korea. His works have similarities with Japanese artists in the same genre like Nujabes. Among the featured singers are Japanese band Paris Match‘s vocalist Mizuno Mari and his label mate Hee Young.

Check out the four songs below and support the artist by purchasing the album here.

* Spring Breeze (Feat. Mizuno Mari of Paris Match) 

* Tune of Stars (Feat. Hee Young) 

* Oriental Snow
Moonlight (Feat. Mizuno Mari of Paris Match)