Indie band Achime released “Rainbow at 02AM” music video on their label’s Boonga Boonga Records YouTube channel yesterday.

The song is from their Hyperactivity EP that was released back in May. The band is seen playing in the video, while it also features a girl aimlessly wandering around a city. For the song they used sound from old computer games and auto-tuned vocals.


Achime is an indie rock band that was founded in 2008. The current line-up consist of Kim Jung Min (bass), Kim Su Yul (drum), Kwon Sun Wook (vocal/guitar), Kim Dong Hyun (guitar) and Kim Kyung Joo (keyboard). Previously they released two singles and held a concert last May. 

Hyperactivity EP can be purchased at iTunes HERE. For more info on this band, please visit their Facebook.

Source : BGBG Records YouTube + achime Facebook