Red Velvet‘s Irene was recently at the center of controversy when a longtime stylist and editor created an Instagram post criticizing a female idol that was speculated to be Irene. Netizens have gathered more “conclusive evidence” against the idol for her alleged attitude.

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A post on an online community shared that a video director that had worked with SM Entertainment posted a cryptic tweet.

Heol, what should have blown up, finally really did. kekeke

— Video Director

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Other netizens replied to the director with regards to his tweet.

  • “Wow really…?
  • “It looks like it’s no joke f*ck”
  • “If the recording gets released, it’ll be crazy”

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It was reported that the stylist and editor claimed to have a voice recording of her interaction with Irene. She had taken the recording in order to protect herself, as well as to demand an apology, threatening to release the recording otherwise. Netizens also realized that a former backup dancer for Red Velvet had pressed like on the editor’s original post.

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The dancer had previously danced on stage with Red Velvet for various events and concerts, including their Red Room tour.

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It was also reported that many industry workers including top fashion photographers and other fashion stylists had commented on the editor’s original post to speak out against Irene.

You guys are wasting your time shielding her but if you knew how her character is like, you would never be able to do this. There’s so many rumors about her glaring at everyone and being annoyed and screaming during CF shoots… I knew that something would come up eventually. I hope she fixes her habits.

— Industry Insider


A different colleague commented with an anecdote about working with Irene.

Seeing this post reminds me of someone famous for her pretty face. I’ve been working in the fashion industry for so long but it’s the first time I’ve seen someone like her. When she didn’t like something she just threw her knee blanket. I hope this becomes publicized~

— Industry Insider

Despite such allegations and many insiders stepping up, SM Entertainment has yet to put out any official notice. The public remains cautious about their views regarding this issue.