Recently, Kim Tae Ho, the PD of “Infinite Challenge,” appeared as a special guest at a university seminar in Seoul.

About the recent increase in the number of guests on the show, he said, “It’s difficult to run a show with a cast of five members. In our situation, it’s better to add a new family member as soon as possible.”

He continued, “We don’t know when Jung Hyung Don will come back and it would be difficult to take the risk of running into public opposition over Noh Hong Chul’s return. But the characters of the current cast are greater cause for concern.”

“I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to always run the show with just the members,” he said. “I want to make it an open show. If you ask the viewers which era they liked the best, there are a lot that refer to the ‘Super 7’ days.”

“We’ve been thinking of making a group of ‘Infinite Challenge’ friends who can help us with the more open format of the show,” he concluded. “Sometimes the viewers think that we are purposefully not asking Gil and Noh Hong Chul, but the truth is they don’t really want to appear either.”

Do you miss the old cast? Are you happy with the current membership?

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