Early on December 6, a series of tweets were uploaded to the official “Infinite Challenge” Twitter page, asking viewers what they thought of the current five-member cast and the possible return of former members Noh Hong Chul and Gil. Within half a day, the tweets were deleted.

infinite challenge

Kim Tae Ho, the producer of “Infinity Challenge,” explained, “We decided it would be better not to do it since it only created misunderstandings.”

On December 5, the preview for “Infinite Challenge” was released, featuring Yoo Jae Suk on the segment “Infinite News.” In the preview, Yoo Jae Suk spoke about seeking audience feedback on various issues.

“The ‘Infinite News’ segment will wrap up all the loose ends this year and answer questions the viewers may have,” Kim Tae Ho said. “We will use the viewers’ opinions as a base to guide our plans for 2016.”

The producer cautioned, “We are not preparing the way for the former members’ return through the results of the survey. Everyone will know once the episode has been broadcast, but we currently have no intentions for them to return.”

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