The members of INFINITE recently opened up a live streaming radio broadcast, “Inspirit Shining Night,” on June 8 in celebration of their fifth debut anniversary through Naver Cast.

During the broadcast, the group opened up about a time in the past when two of the members once got into a big argument, which ended up in a physical confrontation.

L opened up, “The memories of the past are still fresh in my mind. I especially remember the time I fought with Sungyeol.”

Sunggyu added on, “I also remember it. The two of them came to me and asked ‘What do we do about this?’ So I told them, ‘What can you do, dive right into it.’”

Dongwoo also shared, “I remember it too. The two of them tried to hide that they fought by lying and saying the clothes dryer fell. But it ended up being that they fought and injured their mouths.”

Are you surprised to hear this story?

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