Through INFINITE L’s (Kim Myung Soo) passionate acting for KBS’s drama Royal Secret Agent, he was able to take a hold of not only acting and visuals, but also viewer ratings.


With each episode, he upgraded his acting skills through his character, combined with his bright visuals. With just four episodes left until the end of the show, Kim continues to bring hope through his character that fights for justice. This week’s episode brought in a viewer rating of 12%, showing just how successful the drama has become.


Attention is being drawn to Kim Myung Soo, who emerged as a successful acting-idol, about what choice he will make. Kim, who first debuted as an idol through INFINITE, first received attention for his good-looking visuals.

Afterwards, he continued without rest as he established himself as an actor through various genres and characters, steadily building his acting career. Through Royal Secret Agent, he has not only proved his skills but also the guarantee for a successful show.


As this drama is his last project before enlisting in the Marine Corps, he made sure to bring his best efforts for the show. He was seen always holding the script at the set and prepared for 4-5 months for all the action scenes. Through this preparation, he was able to show high-quality action scenes for the drama and his character.


This role may be one of his most successful characters in a drama yet!


On the other hand, he will be releasing a solo single and an untact fan meeting before enlisting in the military this February.