Infinite, who is looking toward a July 16 comeback, has released the tracklist for their new single album, “Destiny.” The information was uploaded onto Infinite’s official homepage,

“Destiny” will contain four tracks: title track “Destiny,” “Inception,” “I’m Going to You,” and “Mom.” “Destiny” will showcase the the harmony between Infinite’s unique performance and musical color. “Mom” will be a heart-warming ballad track.

infinite destiny tracklist

The music video for “Destiny”  is directed by Hong Won Ki of Zany Bros and took ten days to film at Universal Studios in the U.S.

Infinite’s agency, Woolim Entertainment, stated, “The mastering for this album was done by Tom Coyne, who has worked with Beyonce, Chris Brown, and Adele. This album will impress listeners with its aggressive volume, as they will be able to experience the aural charm when they raise the volume to listen.