Seven-member group INFINITE continues their progress in becoming genuine “national representatives” of K-pop.

On April 3, INFINITE headed the Korean-Mexican cultural exchange at the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City as the K-pop representatives. They gave a hot performance which gained a lot of interest, including that of president Park Geun Hye, who also attended the event and watched.

Now, INFINITE is giving an exclusive interview to KTV on April 29. KTV is a government-run broadcast.

Having received recognition as one of the leaders in the international spread of K-pop, they’ve become the focus of this interview.

The Mexican Ambassador to Korea, Jose Luis Bernal Rodriguez, is said to have shown a lot of interest in this interview. Even the CEO of  INFINITE’s company, Woollim Entertainment, is scheduled to appear.

INFINITE will talk about their world tour and how they could feel the “hallyu storm” and strong interest in K-pop all over the world. They will also talk about the pride they feel in teaching the world about Korea through K-pop.

KTV will organize a special broadcast for INFINITE’s interview, and it will also be aired through Arirang TV for international fans to watch.

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