Seven-member boy group Infinite has released the Version B music video for “Destiny,” the title song from their latest single album of the same name.

The “Destiny” single album contains four songs: title track “Destiny,” “Inception,” “I’m Going to You,” and “Mom.” The title track is a dance song composed and written by Rphabet.

The music video for the title track was shot at Universal Studios in the U.S. and reportedly cost 10 billion won (around 900,000 USD) to produce and 10 days to film. It is directed by Hong Won Ki of Zany Bros

The music video starts off calmly to explode with energy in the latter half with the Infinite members developing superhuman powers of strength, fire, etc.

Infinite will perform “Destiny” for the first time at Mnet’s “20’s Choice” Awards taking place on July 18. Fellow idol group SHINee who will also be performing at this summer ceremony.

Infinite's "Destiny" Album Cover

Infinite’s “Destiny” Album Cover