INFINITE is gearing up for their long-awaited comeback!

On February 12, INFINITE members Woohyun, L, Sungjong, Sungyeol, and Dongwoo came together for a V LIVE broadcast in preparation for their upcoming digital single “Clock.”

The broadcast began with the youngest member Sungjong leading the event. He explained, “Our song is finally coming out tomorrow. ‘Clock’ contains the memories we’ve shared with INSPIRIT since our first encounter.”

To give a preview of ‘Clock,’ MC Sungjong asked the members, “Do you recommend any specific time when people should listen to this song?” Dongwoo replied, “They say Mondays are the slowest. I hope people will listen to it while going home on Monday [after work or school] or when they’re having a hard time,” while Sungyeol shared, “I hope people listen to it on the weekend with the hope that time will go by more slowly.” Sungjong grabbed the hearts of INSPIRITs when he said, “I hope INSPIRITs listen to it when they want to see INFINITE.” Member L shared, “It’ll be nice if [fans] listen to it at any time. I hope they listen to it with the feeling that we’re always by their side instead of specifying a time.” Woohyun added, “Please listen to it endlessly when the song comes out.”

Afterwords, the members answered questions on various topics. When Sungjong received the question, “Do you have a time you want to return to in the past?” he replied, “I want to go back to my middle school days. I made a dance club with my friends, and we were famous for [Wonder Girls’] ‘Tell Me.’ At the time, we uploaded a video to Cyworld [Korean social media website], and we were really popular. Some people even offered to pay us to perform at an event.”

On the question about what goals he wanted to achieve this year, Sungjong shared, “There’s something I want to achieve as a group rather than individually. I want to show the diverse talents of INFINITE has through a variety show or a concert with all the members.”

Dongwoo received the question, “What is something you want to keep as it is now?” and the member answered, “I want to keep the team as it is with Sunggyu and the members here. I want to try living together in the dorms again,” showcasing INFINITE’s close friendship. Sungjong added, “It’d be nice if we could film a variety like that.”

INFINITE concluded the V LIVE with a segment for their fans titled, “The best of best among the time we’ve spent together.” When one fan commented that their variety shows were very good, the members replied with enthusiasm, “Since we’ve filmed five variety shows so far, let’s do a sixth to match our member count.”

Dongwoo continued by sharing, “I thought Sunggyu would cry when we won first place for ‘Be Mine.’ Being honest now, at the time we were all seriously saying, ‘Who says ‘be mine’ these days?’ to each other,” revealing a hidden behind-the-scenes story. Woohyun added, “Our boss added a dance break and asked us to trust him.”

Finally, INFINITE finished the broadcast with the words, “We hope you give lots of love to our song ‘Clock,’ which is coming out tomorrow,” “Let’s continue together as INSPIRIT and INFINITE, holding hands together,” and “I hope we continue together for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, and until 100 years,” expressing their infinite love for their fans.

INFINITE will come back on February 13 with their new digital single “Clock” as five members excluding Sunggyu, who is currently serving in the military.

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