In celebration of INFINITE‘s five-year anniversary on June 9, their fans did a charitable deed and donated to domestic and overseas children in need.

INFINITE’s fan community site “Murisu” has been promoting a project called “2015 Promotion Project” ever since the beginning of this year, aimed to raise funds for supplies needed by underprivileged children worldwide.

Through this project, “Murisu” donated 50,868 Naver Happy Beans (approx. 4,500 USD) in INFINITE’s name, which was used to facilitate a building of a library in Kenya and gift a “INFINITE bookcase.”

Moreover, starting June, Murisu is to raise more funds to build a music classroom in Kenya so the children there can learn and enjoy music.

Domestically, the community site has raised enough money to present a couple of computers and gift vouchers to Busan’s Community Child Center, so that kids could listen to online lectures. They are also planning to donate, in INFINITE’s name, 10,000 Naver Happy Beans (approx. 890 USD) to Social Welfare Society‘s Evergreen House.

The fans are so kind!

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