INFINITE‘s Hoya has volunteered to perform together with Sunggyu in his upcoming goodbye stage.

According to affiliates of the music department, Hoya will be making a special appearance on the June 6 broadcast of “Music Core” to help out with Sunggyu’s goodbye solo stage. Despite being busy with his current drama “Mask,” Hoya volunteered, nevertheless, to help Sunggyu’s promotions end on a greater note.

Sunggyu will be finishing up his solo activities with “Music Core” this week, as Hoya takes on Tablo‘s part in the song “Daydream.” During the showcase that marked his solo promotions, Sunggyu revealed that “Daydream” was his favorite songs in the album since NELL‘s Kim Jong Wan and Epik High‘s Tablo, two people that he respects and loves, participated in making the track.

Meanwhile, Sunggyu will come back as INFINITE in a comeback hopefully this Summer.

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