JTBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Hammurabi” is taking viewers back in time to when Park Cha Oh Reum (played by Go Ara) and Im Ba Reun (played by INFINITE’s L) knew each other in high school.

“Miss Hammurabi” will follow the lives and work of three judges with completely different world views who all do what they can to preserve justice inside the courtroom. Instead of dealing with grandiose cases, they will focus on small but relatable stories that can be found anywhere.

The new photos show Go Ara and L looking like they came right out of a melodramatic comic book about high school life. L is focusing on a book while Go Ara looks at someone, most likely L, with affection filling her eyes. The last still shows L handing Go Ara the book he was reading, and the pair lock eyes in a sweet moment.

The imagery from the photos is completely different from how the pair are as adults, constantly butting heads as judges. While Go Ara’s character injects idealism and passion into her work, L’s character maintains his elite status as he abides by the law no matter what. It will be interesting to uncover how the dynamics between the pair changed as they grew older and formed their own personal perspectives of the world around them.

The production staff stated, “Park Cha Oh Reum and Im Ba Reun have a special childhood history together. We hope viewers will be excited to see how their interactions have changed over the years.

“Miss Hammurabi” is set to begin airing on May 21 at 11 p.m. KST.

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