JTBC’s upcoming drama “Miss Hammurabi” has revealed its main poster!

“Miss Hammurabi” is about an idealistic, rookie judge named Park Cha Oh Reum (played by Go Ara); a judge named Im Ba Reun (played by INFINITE’s L), who is a stickler for principles and rules; and a realistic head judge named Han Sae Sang (played by Sung Dong Il). The story follows the three very different judges as they deal with day-to-day cases.

In the released poster, the three judges don’t seem very different from other people. They are in a busy market rather than in a firm and solemn courthouse. Above all, their seemingly similar yet different atmospheres make them intriguing. L appears cynical while Sung Dong Il looks bothered. Despite their dispirited expressions, Go Ara holds tightly onto their hands with a bright and happy smile on her face.

Above each of their heads is a brief hashtag description of their characters. L’s character has the words, “#originaljerk,” Sung Dong Il’s character has the phrase, “#ruthlessjudge,” and Go Ara’s character has the hashtag, “#crazyrookie.” Many viewers are curious to know more about their different characters and wonder what kind of stories will unfold at the court.

The production crew of the drama explained, “Rather than judges existing only in a court setting, the image of these judges diving into the heart of life is set to move people. The teamwork and character synchronization of the different characteristics of Go Ara, L, and Sung Dong Il are the best. Through the deep stories of judges and events of ordinary people, the drama will provide empathy that is different from other ‘judge’ dramas.”

“Miss Hammurabi” will premiere on May 21 at 11 p.m. KST on JTBC.

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