Through several interviews, INFINITE’s Sungjong shared how Sunggyu is doing in the military, becoming a veteran group, and more.

Regarding Sunggyu’s enlistment last year, Sungjong said, “It felt strange. I realized that we’re really getting older. I wish we could have more group promotions, but the military duty is something we have to accept.” He gave an update on Sunggyu saying, “He’s doing well. He’s performing in a musical in the military, and I got to talk to him when I went to see the musical and cheer him on. I was relieved because he seemed to be having a really good time there.” He continued, “We also went to Woohyun’s solo concert together. When we checked with each other which days we would be attending, it turned out that we were going on the same day, so we went together.”

For his own enlistment, Sungjong stated, “I have to enlist some time as well, so I’m thinking about it from various perspectives. I’m the youngest in the group so I can enlist the latest, but I’m debating whether I should enlist around the same time as the other members to shorten our hiatus as a group or continue with individual promotions even if it leads to a longer group hiatus.”

As a veteran group, INFINITE is almost like a family. “We have a group chat so we talk to each other everyday. We’ve been together for over 10 years including our time as trainees, so we know everything about each other. Working together for so long makes us know about everything ranging from what everyone likes or dislikes to their dispositions and personalities,” explained Sungjong.

INFINITE is releasing a new digital single titled “Clock,” which is a song that contains INFINITE’s memories with their fandom INSPIRIT. Sungjong revealed that INFINTE worked especially hard to fill in for main vocal Sunggyu’s empty space and recorded multiple times until they reached their desired results. Sungjong shared, “Personally, I challenged myself to rap. I think the fans will like the small changes we make while still maintaining INFINITE’s musical identity.”

Sungjong is currently a DJ on the EBS radio program “Midnight Black.” Because he meets many junior idols through his show, he shared, “Whenever junior idols tell us, ‘We practiced while looking at INFINITE’s original synchronized performances,’ or, ‘We’re envious that you are still strong as a group,’ I think, ‘So we’ve been doing it right.’ I remember that when we first debuted, I gave up on sleep and leisure to focus on practicing.” He then picked agency juniors Golden Child as the group he’s looking forward to and said, “When I see them practicing hard, it reminds me of our rookie days.”

Lastly, he shared, “I hope INFINTE will frequently promote as a whole group this year as well. We’re currently working on a new album. We haven’t started recording yet, but we’re planning it out so that we can receive good songs. I also really hope to have another ‘That Summer’ concert. Please look forward to seeing us, as we are nearing 10 years since debut.”

“Clock” is due out on February 13 at 6 p.m. KST. Instead of appearing on music shows, they will perform on various other stages and release videos of their live performances. Check out the teasers here!

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