INFINITE’s Sungjong revealed he has hopes to continue his acting career.

In December 2018, Sungjong had played the main lead in the SBS short drama series “Nurse Who Suddenly Appeared” (literal title). The drama is a fantasy romance about a woman who can see death in people due to an accident and a psychiatrist who finds real happiness after a downfall in life.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Sungjong shared, “I’m still in my 20s, so my role as a doctor in his mid-thirties was very burdensome. There was a psychiatrist on the radio show I host, so I asked him for advice, and I talked a lot with the producer and actors. I’m not good [at acting], but I had confidence.”

The reason why he decided to be in the drama was because the director gave him a call. He said, “Thankfully, he had kept making suggestions since the beginning of last year. I found out later, but I heard my company kept turning down [the offer]. The director told me that he liked my clarity and that he wanted to change my image, so I decided to trust him and take on the challenge. I was really grateful.”

Sungjong also talked about his famous line, “When you have a lot of thoughts, [the solution] is lemon candy” from Tooniverse, where he briefly acted opposite then-child actress Kim Yoo Jung. He explained, “To be honest, the lemon candy was misrepresented as a variety show, and I suddenly received my script at the scene. I memorized the lines in a hurry, and a rare clip came out.”

When asked if he was worried about his image as someone who couldn’t act, he admitted, “At first I was, but not anymore. I thought only idol fans knew about it, but too many people knew about it. I didn’t know it was so famous. I was 19 years old then [by Korean reckoning], so I was embarrassed before, but now that I’m in my mid-20s, I understand. I want to attempt it again as well. I think it’s another side of me.”

Then Sungjong shared his hopes to continue acting, saying, “The film set was so fun. I had to do a two-part drama in six days, so I shot it all night, and I felt so alive. I also thought acting was fun. If I am given another chance to participate in a production, I would like to try it.”

INFINITE will come back on February 13 with their new digital single “Clock” as five members excluding Sunggyu, who is currently serving in the military.

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