MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” PD, Kim Tae Ho talked about how upsetting it was, because it keeps on raining every time the cast tries to practice for the crew competition.

On July 13th he wrote through his twitter, “We are supposed to leave to film at 3AM, however tomorrow it’s raining again…, whenever we want to try and do crew/rowing it’s nice that it isn’t so hot, but it’s so hard to film while getting hit by rain,” “Oh well, let’s try to keep it together, I’m glad that we bought rain clothes all together.

Kim Tae Ho told news sources that, “Every time we practice crew/rowing it’s raining and we’ve been practicing in the rain.

Netizens have commented, “It’s cool that the cast is practicing crew/rowing in the rain,” “Practice hard and remember to wear rain clothes.”

The Infininty Challenge members will be a part of a competition that is held on the 30th. In this competition will be two teams from England Universities, one team from a Japanese University, and three teams from Korean Universities.

Source: Star News