It appears that Noh Hong Chul will not be returning to “Infinity Challenge” any time soon.

Following the 42nd Korean Broadcasting Awards held on September 3, Kim Tae Ho, the producer of “Infinity Challenge,” sat down with OSEN for a brief interview.

When asked about the possibility of Noh Hong Chul’s comeback, he stated, “I doubt we’ll be able to work together. First of all, Noh Hong Chul himself does not want to return.”

“This is certainly not something I can decide. In my opinion, he must be granted permission to return by the fans and the society,” the producer chose public opinion as the most decisive factor when discussing Noh Hong Chul’s future broadcasting activities.

Meanwhile, Noh Hong Chul stepped down from the show and went on hiatus after a controversial DUI incident in November 2014.

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