The unofficial Part 2 of this Inkigayo adventure:

By Suguishi – First Snow with U-Kiss

Whoever said that all music shows were canceled for the past weekend were –“annoying buzzer,” dead wrong! Many article writers try to make it harder than it is to get to Inkigayo. Many of you wanted to know what it’s like to go to Inkigayo, so it was decided to make a trip there, for all of our benefit. Getting there from the GAYANG station was not difficult.


Walk THIS way

DIRECTIONS: Take Line 9 and get off at GAYANG.  From that station go to exit 10, up the escalators, through the coffee shops and when you’re outside make an immediate left. Go straight 400M and cross the street. The Home Plus is on your right side and you’re there! That’s it! You don’t need to take like 4 busses, and a taxi there!



Hey the Beast van arrived! I was able to get a few blurry shots of Jang Hyunseung and Yoseob. However, the crowd was just too much for me to get a better shot. I really like Beast because they know how to make songs and image that appeals to both male and females.


Hyunseung getting out of the van..


LIVE: I didn’t get into the live as I told you. The cool brother of Kim Hyung Joon of SS501, Kibum, took a cut from his pay to buy us all a heat pack hand warmer. In Korea they have these that you just shake and they stay warm for 14 hours! No microwaves or hot water mumbo jumbo. I used a different one to preserve mine. 


Yoseob arrives..


Misc: The facilities available there were non-existent. The place is too tiny to let anyone wait inside and it was freezing! The restroom next to Inkigayo by the 711 has the worst situation. There is no toilet paper in any of the stalls and they give you this tiny ration if you ask for it. The women’s restrooms were all locked up and the men’s ones were open so the security there could use it. When I said worst, I mean it. My lady friends were already very agitated making a 30 minute trip for toilet paper rations and on the way into the toilet, and on top of that, the security was very rude. More explanation in Suguishi’s article. 


You don’t want to wait around all day long in the cold and not have a good meal to eat. The Home Plus food court, which was usually good in other areas, was not good this time around. The coffee shop in there had some really tasteless coffee.


How did my night end? Well, Ukiss decided to tell us a secret location (Dunkin Donuts) that they’d meet with the fans (30 of us) to have a small chat. Because this was secret and intimate there was no photography allowed.  They came out to thank us for waiting in the cold and just stood there talking to us for a few moments. I really thought they were gonna stay in their vans and wave like Michael Jackson or something. These guys are really cool!


It was so cold that it started snowing on the way home, the trains on both sides were stalled and I’m typing this up with a runny nose and a fever.


If you have a fan club membership with SM, Beast or someone on the bigger scale, you might wanna take the risk to go to Inkigayo. Most of them were let in, i think.  If you just want to go there in the morning and watch a recording, I suggest you do that and just go home. There’s space to fit one groups fans in at a time. For the main show, I missed seeing Girls Generation, Co-Ed School etc. for a first time since I started my Kpop adventures.


This was the last time I’ll be going as a “regular fan” and I will enter through as a professional. 


Suguishi’s article supplement that talks a great deal about Ukiss and more!