The third episode of SBS MTV “Music Island” was another star-packed show with Teen Top, Spica, Dynamic Duo, and NS Yoon-G starring as guest artists. As the official partner of the show, Soompi was given access behind-the-scenes to speak to the entire guest artists  (Make sure you watch our BTS video here and interviews of Teen TopSpica, and NS Yoon-G).

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Here are some personal observations from the show:

Teen Top: Before meeting Teen Top, I had some reservations, largely due to the recent controversy surrounding C.A.P’s comment about beating up his daughter. But after talking to the group, I realized how wrong I was – they are just a funny group of boys, and their whole demeanor was very well-mannered and respectful. Of course, they’re still kids in their teens, so you could sense their playful personality during interviews. I’m sure they learned a lesson from their past controversy and it was clear that they worked hard not to repeat the same mistake.

NS Yoon-G: How is this girl not as famous as some of the other solo female artists? She can sing, dance, rap, and even work the camera (make sure you watch our interview here!), and it’s beyond me how she’s not a more recognizable figure in the K-Pop industry. She’s also fluent in English so her star power is only going to grow. On “Music Island,” her first performance of “How I Became a Witch” was set up as if to prove her singing, dancing, and rapping skills, while her second performance of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” was made to put her supreme vocal skills on full display. She’s got a good combination of everything, and I see the next “K-Pop Sexy Diva” in the making.

Dynamic Duo: My personal favorite guest on the show. These guys are true legends in Korean rap history, and they deserve more respect and recognition. Their interview was by far the best and their live performance just put the entire crowd in party-mode. During the show, it was Dynamic Duo that led the talk segment, as the rest of the cast were relatively inexperienced with these types of shows. They also mentioned plans to promote in the U.S. next month and I really hope more people around the world would get to listen to their songs.

Spica: It’s another rookie girl group, but they have a certain swagger. They’re all skilled singers and their “Mister” (remake of Kara’s original song) cover performance was flawless. We know how hard it is to sing and dance live at the same time, and Spica proved they’re capable of doing both very well. With Lee Hyori’s full backing, Spica will quickly grow into a major star and soon put their name on the K-Pop map.

Did you know?

Teen Top’s idol nicknames: They’ve earned a lot of new nicknames so far, such as “pet-dols,” “boyfriend-dols,” “trendy-dols,” and my personal favorite, “handcuff-dols.” Teen Top said they liked “trendy-dols” the best. Which one’s your favorite?

Dynamic Duo’s Choiza’s hidden meaning: Choiza’s real Korean name is Choi Jae Ho. But he uses Choiza as his stage name because apparently it represents his physical features quite well. Choiza is supposed to be an abbreviation of “best penis” in Korean.

NS Yoon-G & Nichkhun: NS Yoon-G was rumored to have gone to the same high school as 2PM’s Nichkhun. The issue was never addressed clearly but there were also rumors of the two dating until recently! Of course, neither rumor was verified. NS Yoon-G is also the cousin of Kara’s Kang Ji Young.

Spica: They come from the same management agency as Lee Hyori. Yang Ji Won first debuted in 2007 under Oh So Nyuh (or Five Girls), which also had Secret’s Hyosung, After School’s Uee, and Wonder Girls’ Yoobin as members. Park Na Rae was a contestant of Mnet’s “Superstar K.”