With K-Pop and K-variety shows receiving more of a global audience, shows are also gaining a fanbase from around the world. JTBC‘s Knowing Bros seems to have quite a following overseas as they received a cute gift from an international fan!

Comedian Kang Ho Dong was all smiles as he received his gift. “A gift has arrived!” 


Turns out an international viewer sent a gift for each of the members!

bro3  Starting with Lee Sangmin, he couldn’t hide his shock as he opened his gift. 


The gift was a handmade doll that looked like each of the members.

bro7  Each of the dolls had a small note attached as well! 


Let’s take a look at what each of the notes read!


Hodong oppa! Heechul, please don’t stick pens into this doll. This is not a voodoo doll!


Youngchul oppa. If you like this doll can you say D.A.N.G for me please?


Kyunghoon oppa. I hope that you can teach me all the jokes that you know someday.


Heechul unni. I’m sorry to break your heart but I am married!


Soogeun oppa. Thanks to you I didn’t have to use much material to make this doll.


Seo Janghoon. I used the most amount of material to make your doll. You don’t have to buy me a present. A small apartment will suffice.


Sangmin oppa. Please don’t sell this doll!


Looking by the notes written to each member it looks like they are a true fan of the show! Are you a Knowing Bros fan? What’s your favorite K-variety show to watch?