With TWICE joining the slew of April comebacks, we were lucky enough to catch them during a practice break for a quick interview! We asked some hard-hitting questions about their prized possessions, their debut success, and mixed in some of our more unique questions – like how their international members were able to perfect their Korean. and what they do first thing in the morning when they wake up.

With hopes for more reality programs, their unique “TWICE” way of dance practices, and more, the ladies of TWICE shared a lot about their future plans and each member’s unique traits. I could go on about the interview, but that would be counterproductive! Just watch and enjoy their fun personalities and hilarious answers:

Here are some additional answers that we couldn’t include in the video:

Can you give us any hints about your next comeback?
Tzuyu: Well, for now, it’s still a secret! It’s a secret but we’re working really hard to prepare for it so I hope a lot of people will look forward to it!

What’s the most interesting thing that has happened during your debut promotions?
Jungyeon: Shortly after we debuted, we went to Jeju-do for a music program. We filmed our dancing outside but the wind was really strong so our hair was flying around and we couldn’t keep our balance because of the wind. We really had fun filming that. HAHAHA… [nervous laughter] It was fun right guys?

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