Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi’s upcoming drama “The King 2hearts” released photos that show all the main characters. Besides the two, the other main characters are portrayed by Yoon Jae Moon, Lee Yoon Ji and Jo Jung Seok. Much anticipation is revolving around the chemistry amongst all the main characters.

Ha Ji Won will play the North Korean Special Forces Instructor “Kim Hang Ah” and shows off elegance while wearing her uniform.

Lee Seung Gi fits perfectly into his royal uniform. He truly looks like an “Emperor” which is also his nickname.

The bottom left is “Yoon Jae Moon” who will play an antagonist. He plays the role of “Kim Bong Gu” who wants to become a real king through money.

Lee Yoon Ji will play the sexy and bright princess “Lee Jae Shin.” Last but not least, on the bottom right is Jo Jung Seok who plays the elite captain “Eun Shi Kyung.”

The production company behind “The King 2hearts” stated, “The five main characters have finished preparations for the drama. Please anticipate the realistic acting that the five main characters are preparing hard for.”

The backdrop of the drama has an interesting concept that South Korea has maintained its constitutional monarchy. The story is about South Korea’s king falling in love with a North Korean Special Forces instructor. The story will show how the two push away their prejudice and differences for their love.