Police continue to investigate the vehicle involved in the tragic accident of Ladies’ Code on Sept. 3. According to a news report, a statement from the Yongin Police Station, who holds jurisdiction over the case said, “To date, the investigation on the Ladies’ Code accident is still in progress.”

The vehicle was on the Yeongdong Expressway going to the direction towards Incheon when it hit a protective wall near the Singal Junction at around 1:00AM on Sept. 3. The accident caused the immediate death of member Go Eun Bi and the fatal injury of Kwon RiSe, who passed away days later. The other members, Sojung, Ashley and Zuny were recently reported to still be in recovery following injuries sustained during the crash.

The van has already been transferred to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation for thorough examination. Polaris Entertainment, the management agency of Ladies’ Code has revealed, “The rear wheel of the vehicle carrying Ladies’ Code was damaged, which caused it to turn and hit the guard rail. However, we have not yet found the exact cause of the accident.”