As KBS 2TV gets ready to air their second season of “Invincible Youth” this coming fall, the setting is confirmed to be a fishing village variety.

Chairman Producer (CP for short) Kim Ho Sang who is planning the second season of “Invincible Youth” told Star News on August 31, “Season one was a farming variety and for season two, we are gearing towards a fishing variety.”

Kim CP also added, “We’re currently looking into a fishing village on the west coast.”

The first season, which ended last December, gained the love of viewers for having seven girl group members (G7) working in the farming fields of a Yuchiri in Kangwondo Hongchun.

At the time, Goo Hara of KARA garnered attention for being able to maneuver a rice-planting machine herself as she planted seedlings.

Kim CP also added, “We chose the fishing village as the setting for the second season to show a whole new side to the girl group members. I’m anticipating for the girl group members to adjust to the fishing village and also bring a whole new joy to viewers.”

The second season is setting its goal to enter broadcasting as a replacement for the fall edition. The only thing set for certain is the location of the fishing village on the west coast and that there will be seven girl group members participating in the show.

In regards to recruitment, Kim CP spoke up saying, “Like the first season, the show will comprise of seven members to create G7. After season one ended, a lot of girl groups entered the music scene as we’ll have a broad range to form a group from. Currently we are in the process of recruitment.”

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