Kim Sohye from “Produce 101” and now a member of girl group IOI has revealed that she will be holding on to her dream as an actress despite promoting as a singer.

First appearing on “Produce 101” as an actress in training, she received love and support from viewers for her endless effort to become better on the show. As a result, she got in the top 11 and will be able to debut with a girl group now.

She answered, “Yes,” when “Produce 101” host Jang Geun Suk asked, “Do you want to become a singer?” However, Kim Sohye’s affiliates stated, “She is still receiving acting lessons. Since she has no time when she is promoting as IOI, she won’t be able to go to auditions. She will have to practice acting in the little free time she has.”

Kim Sohye will be continuing to train to become an actress once IOI promotions are over. There is a possibility that she will simultaneously continue both careers as a singer and actress.

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