Irene Kim has posted a response to Konus Brand’s CEO and Creative Director Devin Kang‘s assertion that she had imitated his fashion brand concept.

Devin’s Instagram post of Irene’s brand | boykonan/Instagram

In her Instagram post, Irene indirectly addressed Devin’s statement where he accused other fashion brands like hers and 88rising for imitating his yearbook photo concept with no “empathy and regard towards a project with such a deep and personal meaning behind it.

| ireneisgood/Instagram

Irene shared her side of the story, explaining that her use of the yearbook photo concept has personal ties with her own experience growing up in America. Her intention of using this concept was a “way to celebrate the vivacious personalities and styles of our muses.” The concept is by no means something new or original.

I have never claimed nor took credit for this style of photography or concept that’s been around since the first one was made in 1806.

— Irene Kim

She went on by posting screenshots of the history of the yearbook, who invented yearbook photos, and her own concept deck on her Instagram story to further demonstrate that she was not directly imitating or re-creating Devin’s concept.

| ireneisgood/Instagram

| ireneisgood/Instagram

She concluded her response by sharing her understanding of the intentions behind calling out those who steal ideas from small businesses, but that it is unacceptable to do so without completely understanding the situation.

Hurling accusations without evidence to back up your claim is unfair and harmful to one’s business and mental health. Going forward, I hope you guys can try and do some research before accusing someone or jumping to conclusions on someone’s concept or ideas.

— Irene Kim