On September 9, Red Velvet went on the “Cultwo Show” and revealed Irene‘s surprising secrets.

During the show, DJ Kim Tae Gyoon tells Irene, “I heard that since you’re the oldest out of the group you tend to look after the members and touch their butts often.”

He clarifies, “You’re just patting them, right?” and the members exclaim, “Patting them?” and laugh.

Seulgi and Wendy blurt out, “She doesn’t pat them, she massages them. She grabs and feels them,” making Irene flustered.

cultwo show red velvet

Kim Tae Gyoon tries to be understanding and says, “She’s the oldest, so she’s like that because you guys are cute.” Irene then jumps in and agrees, “Yes, it’s because they’re cute.”

Irene sure loves the members!

Meanwhile, Red Velvet is starting up promotions for their new single “Dumb Dumb” on music programs.

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