BoA is one busy girl! Over the past twelve months, she has released her “Hurricane Venus” album, “Copy n Paste” repackage album, promoted it in Korea, and traveled all over the world with Smtown for the first leg of their tour.(We can also mention she occasionally played with SHINee…and who wouldn’t!) To top it all off, she danced and acted in the American movie with Derrick Hough entitled “COBU 3D”. Apparently, her hectic schedule has finally caught up with her. BoA can’t sleep! The SME music queen recently shared her insomnia touble via a tweet!

Read her message below: 

“Horrible insomnia tonight.. Not even feel tired, I’m so awake and it’s 4am here…. Humm.. Should I just stay awake? ;((“

Do you have a quick remedy? How can she cure her brief insomnia? 

Credit: @BoA_1105