Did actress Hwang Jung Eum get caught on camera while picking her nose?! Yesterday, the playful actress revealed a funny photo of herself on her Cyworld under the title “Daily life – June 30th.”

In this photo which seems to be taken on a rainy day, she is standing in front of the stairs in a lovely hot pink raincoat. What is particularly eye-catching about this picture is the position of Hwang Jung Eum’s index finger! This humorous photo featuring the actress picking her nose (?!) reflects her girl next door image.

Netizens commented, “Your finger is quite deeply stuck in,” “Wow she seems so down to earth,” “I think she uploaded it because she also thought it was funny,” “Hope you don’t get a nosebleed.” Meanwhile, Hwang Jung Eum is currently appearing in MBC’s weekend drama “Can You Hear My Heart” as the female lead.