Hwang Jung Eum‘s provocative outfit during the first episode of “I Am a Singer 2” is gathering a lot of attention. On the episode of “I Am a Singer 2” that aired on April 29, Hwang Jung Eum appeared as a special MC. She wore a deep blue cocktail gown with a plunging neckline.

Hwang Jung Eum’s voluptuous body and her milky white skin drew attention. People commented that her outfit highlighted her emceeing skills.

However, another side of the Netizens’ opinions was that Hwang Jung Eum’s dress was a bit too much for a prime time weekend slot, where children would be watching as well. Although these kinds of revealing dresses can be frequently seen during award shows, netizens commented that the outfit was not appropriate for a time slot where many families would be watching television together.

Meanwhile, “I Am a Singer 2” kicked off the new season with an 8.2% viewership rating. Many other programs that aired during the same time recorded a rating of only 1%. 

Much interest is going into the future of “I Am a Singer 2” due to the flashy cast of singers and the addition of new MCs.