‘Nation’s Little Sister’ IU, who was eliminated from SBS’s “Kiss and Cry” last week, flashed a bright smile while lying in bed with her Hello Kitty doll!

Today, she posted on me2day the following photo, along with the message “I’m in Japan! At the airport a fan gave me a Hello Kitty towel and doll! Thank you!” She also added, “I’ll return after giving a great performance! I must get ready for bed and go to sleep~ everyone good night. For those of you who cheered for me until the end for ‘Kiss and Cry,” I’m sorry and thank you! Muah.”

In the photo, IU is seen lying on the bed while holding the Hello Kitty doll. Her ‘apple hairstyle’ and bright smile makes her look cute and lovely like a little girl.

Netizens commented, “Lovely,” “”You’re cuter than Hello Kitty!,” “Too bad about ‘Kiss and Cry,’ but you did your best!,” “My eyes keep turning to you rather than the Hello Kitty doll,” “Hope your Japanese concert goes well.”