On October 24, actor Jo Jung Suk from the MBC drama “The King 2hearts” and the movie “Introduction to Architecture” appeared on the MBC variety show “Goldfish – Radio Star.” He appeared with fellow actors Kim In Kwon and Gwon Hyun Sang to promote their movie “Almost Che.”

When the MCs were throwing tough and teasing questions, Jo Jung Suk acted like it was nothing and just laughed. Even when they were asking the actor some rather personal questions, he nodded his head and calmly answered at each question without an ounce of flustration.

When asked how long he has been single, Jo Jung Suk answered, “A year and a half,” and MC Yoon Jong Shin replied, “I saw you calculating the time” and stirred laughter among the filming set.

MC Yoon further on said, “Jo Jung Suk is the first guest to have answered to all of our questions. We love this guest!”

When Jo Jung Suk was asked what “Goldfish – Radio Star” meant to him, he answered, “A place where I can hang out at peace.”