Isak returns to K-Pop….sort of. The “Spring Awakening” stage actress and former Isak N Jiyeon singer is having a blast to the past with her latest single release. Hip Hop artist NASSUN joined forces with the talented SMTOWN lady to record “In Muzik”. Now, she may not be the leading vocals in the song, but you can enjoy her feature in a musical track after so many years. Read the retweets, tweets, and listen to the new song below:

Retweet from @yeizonmuzik:Our New Track!! featured by @realISAK THX for amazing vocal!! …  #YEIZON Spread the word!! plz!…..”

Isak: “First recorded track in 6yrs~ spread the word!!! …..#YEIZON thnx again to @nassundotcom @[email protected] ~In Muzik!”

Enjoy “In Muzik” by clicking here

What do you think about the song? Was it worth the long wait?

Credits: @yeizonmuzik, @realISAK, and