The gorgeous Isak revealed a picture taken with SNSD’s Tiffany!

On August 3rd through her twitter, Isak wrote, “Thank you for coming to the show today pretty Tiffany~ I am glad that you had fun!

In the picture Isak and Tiffany are shown close together. Tiffany is catching attention because even though it appears like she barely has any makeup on her face, she still has a beautiful appearance.

Netizens have stated, “It’s so good to see the two of you together!” “Both of you who are doing their best in their respective areas! So pretty!” and “Even without makeup on you two are so pretty.”

In other news, many are awaiting the news of whether Isak will appear on WGM with Glen Rhee. Also, her new single, “In Muzik” is “being streamed like crazy!”