Following the yes-no-maybe-so, vague answers from their management agencies, it has been officially announced that Shin Dong Yup and Lee Dong Wook are the new hosts of SBS’sStrong Heart,” formerly emceed by Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong.

During a phone interview with local news outlet OSEN, a representative of SBS’s variety show department confirmed, “It’s official. Shin Dong Yup and Lee Dong Wook are the new MCs of ‘Strong Strong.’” 

Early reports revealed that MC veteran Shin Don Yup was the strongest candidate for the position, but Shin’s management agency have been careful in its answer, stating they were still looking over the final details. Initially, many netizens were skeptical of the producer’s decision to cast actor Lee Dong Wook as the MC. While he’s well known internationally for his popular dramas, Lee Dong Wook had no prior experience in emceeing. However, the casting of Shin Dong Yup has silenced many of the doubts.

Last month, Lee Seung Gi shocked netizens with the unexpected announcement that he was stepping down as MC of one of the popular variety shows. In 2009, Lee Seung Gi partnered up with Kang Ho Dong to co-host the show. When Kang Ho Dong announced his retirement from the entertainment industry last October, Lee Seung Gi took over the reins and entertained both viewers and his guests as the solo MC.  

Shin Dong Yup and Lee Dong Wook will participate in their first recording of “Strong Heart” as dual MCs on March 29. Their first episode as MCs will air on April 10.