Rapper and entertainer Haha recently uploaded a picture on his personal Twitter account that brought laughs to his followers and fans, as well as V.I.P’s.

On July 17, Haha tweeted a picture a fan seems to have photoshopped that parodies G-Dragon‘s recent Vogue cover photo with model Soo Joo. In the original cover, G-Dragon and Soo Joo are topless, with Soo Joo hugging G-Dragon from the back, looking stylish and chic. In Haha’s photo, Haha is backhugging his “Running Man” teammate, singer Kim Jong Kook. Haha looks smitten and adoring of his “brother” Kim Jong Kook, with Kim Jong Kook looking a bit surprised by the affection. It’s a similar picture, but with a very, very different feel. 

Haha also added the message ” hahahahaha, it’s so funny ~~^^ #KimJongKook #HaHa + True love <3(?).” 

haha tweet

Haha G-dragon

In related(?) news, Haha recently had a son with his real true love, Byul.