Whenever a group makes their comeback there are plenty of opportunities for idols to interact with their fans through comeback stages, fan meetings, and more. Recently, however, that’s not really the case due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Through StudioK‘s Dance Practice Room Behind, ITZY revealed just how tough not being able to meet with MIDZY is for them!


When Ryujin and Chaeryeong were asked how they feel about not being able to meet with MIDZY lately, it didn’t take them long to express how much they miss MIDZY and how they even feel lonely without seeing them or hearing their cheers!

Chaeryeong: Honestly, it’s a little lonely without MIDZY. Especially when we do pre-recorded performances for music shows. I miss fans.

Ryujin: Me too. The sound of cheering from MIDZY was a part of our lives. It’s sad that we can’t hear it.

Music shows have been especially tough for them, but knowing that MIDZY are watching at home has helped them power through and give their best performances!

Of course, we do our best because we know fans are watching at home.

— Chaeryeong

It definitely sounds like ITZY is missing MIDZY just as much as MIDZY is missing ITZY!