In the light of their latest album GUESS WHO, the lovely members of ITZY recently met with Harper’s Bazaar for a very artsy interview!

While showing drawing portraits of one another, the members answered several questions regarding their new album and some more fun personal questions as well.

One question many fans are always dying to know is which artists they want to collaborate with. Chaeryeong mentioned her senior solo artist Sunmi!

Once Chaeryeong named Sunmi, the other members couldn’t help but agree and fangirl over Sunmi as well. Chaeryeong and Yeji expressed, “Her performance is amazing.”

The group’s maknae also joined in and shared that she also wants to collaborate with Sunmi: “Yeah, me too. I really want to collaborate with Sunmi sunbaenim (senior).”

Sunmi would most likely be happy to hear this news as she has also named ITZY as one of the artists she liked to collaborate with!

In the past, Sunmi shared that if ITZY, their company, and their fans (MIDZY’s) are okay with it, she hopes she and the members can get together soon and collaborate.

If I get the chance, to work on some amazing songs and release them. If ITZY’s fine with it, and if MIDZY is fine with it, and if JYP…(laughs).

— Sunmi

| ITZY/YouTube

Hopefully, these great artists can get together and make some amazing hits!

Check out ITZY’s interview below: